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absaroka mountains absaroka ranch abstract abstract lilac breasted roller acacia acacia trees acadia national park acca sellowiana across the miles action adteracaea adventure aerial affection africa african animal african bird african elephant african iris african mammal african wild dog agapanthoideae agapanthus agapanthus genus agaricomycetes agaricus agaricus bisporus aggressive agile fliers air show airborne airmen airplane airplane wing alaska all rights reserved. the images may not be copied alley allied forces aloft alpha dog alsop bridge alzette river amaryllidaceae amaryllidaceae family amaryllidinae amaryllis america american cemetery american darter american goldfinch american servicemen and woman amphibian anas platyrhynchos anatidae ancient and are often found near water. info from wikipedia featured by groups 1. groovy butterflies and as adults. several years of their lives are spent as nymphs living in fresh water and kay brewer photographs and they're the primary tree one sees that all bloom at once angels anhinga anhingidae animal animal eyes anisoptera anniversary annual annual and perennial anteater chat antelope antennae antidorcas marsupialis ants apocynaceae aqua aquatic aquatic herb aquatic herbs archdiocese of paris arches architecture ardea alba ardeidae ardeidae family ardennes offensive arid arles armory art art deco art filter art for sa art for sale art for sale figure art for salec ocean art for saleold building art for salephs art for saley artist as in washington dc. they are like many of the varieties that have been cultivated for ornamental use and do not produce fruit. info from wikipedia copyright notice all images on this web site are protected by the u.s. and international copyright laws asclepiadoideae asclepias ashes asteraceae asteraceae family asteraceae or compositae family atlantic atlantic ocean autonomous autumn autumn colors avalanche gorge avignon awarded awarded photograph ay brewer ay lily azalea azure baby baby bird baby birds baby bluebirds baby elephant baby mockingbird baby swan backlight bakery balconies balcony balls banaba bar bar harbor bare feet barn barnacles baseball basidiomycota bass harbor bass harbor lighthouse bath bathroom battery battery russell battle of the bulge bavaria bay bay sunset beach beachside beads beak beam beams bear beast beautiful beauty bee bee eater begonia beige berg big beak big cat bike bill bird bird of prey birdbath birdhouse birds birds in flight birthday birthday card bisporus black black and white black and white horse black background black head black horse black photopainting black swallowtail black swallowtail caterpillar blackcapped chicadee blackmaned lion blacksmith lapwing blacksmith plover blackwinged lapwing blood bloom blooms blossom blue blue agapanthus blue and yellow f18s blue and yellow jets blue angels blue bird blue flower blue hour blue hydrangea blue jay blue mountains blue pansie blue pansies blue pansy blue sky blue water blue water lily blue waterlily blue waterlily blue water lily bluebird bluewater bay bluewater bay marina boat boat orchid boathouse boats bokeh boom booze both in their aquatic larval stage botswana bougainvillea boulders boys bradford bradford pear branch branches brewer brewer photograph brewer. genus rosa brewer. photograph bridge bright brightly colored brilliant broken brook brown brown bird brown siproet brown siproetbrown brown thrasher brownhooded kingfisher bubble mountains buckeye bud budapest budding buds bug building buildings bulb bulbous bullfrog burgandy burial bush bushbuck bushes butterfly by boat cabin calf camellia camellia bud camellia pair camellias canada canada goose canadian rockies canid cannon beach cannons canoe canoeing cantilever canyon cap car card card for sale card for saleard cardinal cardinalidae cardinalidae family cards for sale carnivore cars carvings castle cat cat foot caterpillar cathedral catholicism cats celebration cemetery central america ceratocampinae charge charles bridge chat cheetah cherry cherry blossom chicadee chicago pizza children chobe river choctawhatchee bay choctawhatchee river christmas christmas card christmas party christmas party invitation christmas tree christmas trees chrysanth chrysanthemum chrysanths church chute ciconiidae circles city city gate city offices city scene cityscape cliff closed waterlily closeup clouds coast cobblestone street cold college colombia color colorful colors columbidae common egret compositae composite composition concessions conch house conciergerie cone flower cone flower bud cone flowers coneflower contrast coracias caudatus coral coral color coral flower coral hibiscus coral rose corvidae corymbs corythornis cristatus cottage countries country country road countryside covering the entire tree. a cherry blossom is the flower the tree genus prunus. the japanese cherry is in the prunus serrulata genus cowboy cowboys cowgirl cowgirls crane cranes crape myrtle cream creature crepe myrtle crescent city crumbling cub cub panthera genus cubs cultivars cyan cyanocitta cyanocitta cristata cygnet cymba cymbidium cypress cypress knees cypress tree czech republic dabbling duck daisy family danainae danaus danaus plexippus danaus plexippus family dandelion dandy dangerous danube danube river daressalaam dark dark blue dark pink dark stone crosses darter darter family day lily daytona daytona beach death deciduous trees decor decoration decorations decorative defender defense deirochelys derelict desaturated desert design destin destin beach devil bird devout dicotyledonous digital art diorama directions display ditches diving bird dock dog dogbane domestic cats dominant donuts door double rainbow dove downed tree downtown dragonfly drama drapes drink drinking drinks droplets dry dry season dry tortugas dry trees duck dust dust bath eacles imperialis ears east eastern europe eat eat insects eating eats insects eats small mammals echinacea ecola ecola beach state park ecola state park edible edible bloom edible fruit education egret egrets egretta thula elephant elephant baby elephant calf elephant charge elephantidae elevation elly embellishment emotion enhancement entertainment entrance equine erato butterfly europe evergreens exhibit exposure eye contact eyes f18 f18 hornet fairies falco rupicoloides falcon falcon family falconidae fall fall colors fall flower falling down falls false eye family family agapanthoideae family asteraceae family cardinalidae family elephantidae family felidae family giraffidae family nymphalidae family saturniidae family violaceae famous farm farm building farmland farms fast fear feathers feeding feelers feelings feijoa sellowiana felidae felidae family felidaephotograph feline female animal female bird female blue bird female bluebird female bushbuck female cardinal female cardinal birds female house finch female lion female swan fence ferns festival fields fiery figurative film scan finch fir fir trees fire firelight firepit fireworks fishermen fishing flag flagler flagler college flagler memorial presbyterian church flagler presbyterian memorial church flags flamingo flare flight floating flooding floral floret florida florida chicken turtle florida panhandle florida shoreline flower flowers flying flying art flying bird flying flower flying garden flying in formation flying insect fog foliage fontaines de la concorde food foot foot bridge forest forests formation formation flying former prison fort fort jefferson fort salton beach fort stevens fort stevens state park fort walton beach fountain fountains fourth of july fowl framed framed view france franconian fringillidae frog frozen full bloom fungi fungus funny furbrewer furniture furry fuzzy gallop galloping game garden gen. george s. patton gen. patton general patton genus chrysanthemum genus equus genus giraffa genus lobelia genus lycaon genus panthera genus prunus genus rosa genus sialia genus viola georgia georgia o'keefe georgia o'keeffe georgia okeeffe germany ghost hills ghost ranch gifts gills giraffa giraffe giraffe baby giraffe calf giraffe mother giraffidae glacier glacier national park glacier park glaciers glass pyramid glasses glitter glow gold golden golden bokeh golden hour golden sunset goldfinch golf course lake goose gorge goshawk gothic architecture government house graffitti grain grand teton national park grand tetons grand tetons national park grandfather grass grasses grasslands gray gray back gray background gray bird great blue heron great smoky mountain national park great smoky mountains great smoky mountains national park great white egret great white heron greater kestrel green green background green frog green head green parrot bar greenery greeting greeting card greeting card for sale greeting cards for sale greetings grey grey bird grief grizzly grotto ground grund grus carunculata guitar gulf gulf beach gulf of mexico gull guna indian guns haemorhous haemorhous mexicanus hair dryer halcyon albiventris halcyoninae half open bud halo hamm happy anniversary happy birthday happy new year hardwood forest harems has the intense and fierce look you would expect. blackmaned lions are almost peculiar to the kalahari area of southern africa only. we were very privileged. i achieved the art effects by applying art filters in post processing. featured by eleven groups 1. animal photographs group having a great time haystack rock headshot heather helianthus helianthus genus heliconian heliconius heliconius species helicopter helihiking hemerocallis herb herbaceous herbivore herbivorous herbs herds heron hibiscus hibiscus genus high key high meadow hike hiking hillside hippo hippopotamus hirundo smithii historic ho ho ho ho holiday homes honey honey bee honor hooved animal horizon horizontal hornbill hornet horns horse horses hortensia hot pink hot pink camelias hot pink flowers house house finch houses huge legs humility humor hungarian hungarian parliament hungarian parliament building hungary hunter hwy 20 hwy 90 hybrid hydrangea i feel all scrambled inside i miss you i think ice iceberg iconic iconic african landscape icy ile de la cite illusion imperial moth impressionistic impressions in deepest sympathy independence day indian beach indigenous infraorder anisoptera infrared inlet insect inside passage invitation invitation to a party iris iron horse is that they do not seem to be very afraid of the photographer. often they will stay in one place for long enough for several shots. they actually seem curious. a dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order odonata island island of the city it's a party jacana jacksonville jacksonville beach jacksonville landing jacksonville skyline japanese cherry jaws jesus bird jet jets jordan pond july 4 july 4th jumping jumping up and down jupiter inlet light jupiter inlet lighthouse and museum juvenile cardinal juvenile elephant juvenileanimal kalahari kanimal katunguru kay brewer kay brewer pansies kay brrewer kay historic kay tockus leucomelas kayaking kestrel kewel key west key west city scene key west conch house key west house kids kill kill prey killed killer whale king of a pride of 10 blackmaned lions we came upon king of beasts king of the animals king of the beasts king of the jungle kingfisher kiss kitties kitty koi pond kuna indian lacier national park lady lafayette cemetery lagerstroemia lagerstroemia genus lake lake grinnell lake macdonald lake ponchartrain lake pontchartrain lamella lamellae lamiaceae landmark landscape lane lantana lapwing large animal large bird large bloom large blooms large crane large flower large flowers large kestrel large mammal large range of colors large thrasher large voice largest terrestrial animal last judgement laughing laughing gull lavender lavender flower lavender water lily lavender waterlily lawn laying eggs leaves leisure life lepidoptera lepidopterology leptoptilos crumenifer leptoptilos crumeniferlarge bird leucophaeus leucophaeus atricilla lichen light lighthouse lighting lightner museum lightning lights lilac lilac breasted roller lilac breasted roller abstract lilium lily lily pads lima limb lion lion cub lion cubs lion pride lioness lions liquor lives livestock lobelia local log cabin long beak long exposure long exposure photography long legs long migration long neck long trunk longlasting longtailed skipper longwing longwing butterfly looking up louisiana lounge louvre love low angle loxodonta africana loxodonta africana species lumber luxembourg luxembourg american cemetery and memorial luxembourg city lycaon lycaon pictus lyon lythraceae lythraceae family machinery macro magenta magenta flower magic main river main street bridge maine malachite kingfisher male blue bird male bluebird male cardinal male duck male lion male mallard male swan male wild dog mallard mallory square mallow mallow family malvaceae mammal mane manipulated or used in any way manipulation many colors mardi gras mardi gras decorations maribou stork marie antoinette marigold marigolds marina maritime fountain market marshes mast maternal love mating mauve mauve flower mcdonald falls meadow medieval mediumsized melanerpes erythrocephalus melanium merops bullockoides merry christmas mesa mexican longwing michael mccloud migrate migratory military military significance milkweed milkweed butterfly miltenberg mimidae mimidae family mint family miss kitty miss you mississippi river mist mock charge mockingbird monarch monarch butterfly monotone monotones montana moon moor moss moth mother mother and child mother elephant mother love motorcycle motswiri river mount desert mount moran mountain mountain peak mountain range mountains mountainscape mourning mourning woman mouth movement movie theater mum murals muscicapidae museum mushroom music myrmecocichla formicivora naiad napoleon national park national register of historic places native natural natural light nature navy near water needle rocks neon nest new mexico new orleans new orleans house niceville niceville florida night nighttime nonmigratory north american north and south america north carolina notre dame cathedral nursing nymph nymphaeaceae ocean ocean view oddity odonata okavango delta old barn old bridge old building old buildings old cabin old city old house olive omnivore open mouths orange orange azalea orange chrysanthemum orange flower orange flowers orange lily orange marigold orange marigolds orange mum orca orchid orchidaceae order odonata order proboscidea oregon ornamental ornate otswana our lady of paris outdoor outdoors outside overexposed oxbow bend pacific ocean pack page painterly palais de la cité pale chanting goshawk palm tree panama panicles panning pansies pansy panthera panthera genus panthera leo papilionidae papilionidae family parachute paridae paris park parking parliament parliament building party party invitation passerine passerines order pastry patriotism patterns patton paw peace peaceful peaks pear pear blossoms pelecanidae pelecanus occidentalis pelican pennsylvania penobscot penobscot bay penobscot narrows penobscot narrows bridge penobscot river pensacola pensacola naval air station people perch perched perching perching bird perennial perrennial peru petals peter iredale petunia petunias phoenicopteridae phootography photipainting photo painting photograhy photograph photographers photographs photography photopainting photopainting bud photopaintingkay brewer photoppainting phoyohraphy picturesque pier pigeon pileus pine pineapple guava pink pink amaryllis pink azalea pink bougainvillea pink camellia pink camellia on black background pink camellias pink cone flower pink cone flowers pink crape myrtle pink crepe myrtle pink flower pink flower on black background pink flowers pink hibiscus pink petunia pink petunias pink rose pink water lily pink waterlily pink wildflower pink zinnia pit bull place de la concorde places plane plant plants play plaza plover pod poecile atricapillus pointing pollination pollinator pomaceous pont pont au change pont st. bénézet pool poor portal of last judgment portrait portrait orientation pot of gold powerful practice prague predator presbyterian presents pretty primitive proboscidea protect protection protective protective mother elephant provence prunus prunus avium species prunus cerasus species prunus serrulata purple purple flower purple sky purple wildflower purple zinnia pyrus pyrus genus quiet rails rain rain forest rainbow rainbows raindrops ramparts ranch range raptor ray rays reacting to each other. © all rights reserved by photography by kay red red amaryllis red azalea red beak red begonia red bird red bloom red camellia red flower red flower on black background red flowers red head red hibiscus red lighthouse red lily red postman red rose red spider lily red water lily red waterlily redbilled hornbill redbird reddish brown redheaded woodpecker reeds reflection reflections reproduced respect rest restaurant resurrection retreat rewer rhine river rhizomatous rhizomatous aquatic rhizomatous aquatic herbs rhizone rhododendron rhone rhone river rhône river rider riders ridge right bank of seine river ripples river river horse river kingfisher road road signs roar rock rock formations rock walls rockies rocks rocky mountains rocky shore roller roller family romance rooftop cafe rooftops rooted in water roots ropes rosa rosaceae rosaceae family rose rose mallow rosebuds rubber ducky rufous rural rust rusty rustytipped safety sage sago palm sail saila sailboat sailing sails sakura saloon salt water saltwater salute salvia san blas islands sand sand dune sand dunes sandweiler german war cemetery santa santa claus santa fe santa rosa beach santidorcas saone river sap saturniidae savuti river scary scavenger scavenger bird scenery scenic school schooner wharf bar sciuridae family sea sea oats seagull seashore seasonal card seasons greeting card seasons greetings seaweed section melanium seeds seine seine river selective coloring semiaquatic sentiment sepia shadow shadows shallow ponds and lakes shapes shiny water ship shipwreck shops shore shorebird shoreline shoreside short sands beach shoshort sands beach show showy shrub shrubs sialia sialia sialis siesta key sign signs silhouette silhouettes silky water silo simplified singer singing single flower siproeta epaphus sites sketch skiff skipper sky skydiving skyjumping skyline skyscrapers sleeping slow water small bird small boat small kingfisher small postman small tree smoke smokies smoky mountains snake river snakebird snow snowy egret social solanaceae solar soldiers somesville somesville bridge sometimes migrating across oceans songbird sorrow south africa southern africa southern and eastern africa spanish architecture species equids species loxodonta africana speed spider lily spiderman spiky spires spooky spores sport sports spots spreadwinged spring springbok square squirrel st augustine st augustine church st johns river st. augustine st. augustine church st. augustine distillery st. augustine preservation board st. marcos national monument stage stairs stars state bird of georgia statue statues statues of kings steel stem steps still life stipe stone town stop stork storm storms stormy strata stream street street life street photography street scene street signs streets striding striped stripes structure students subfamily agapanthoideae subfamily ceratocampinae subfamily danainae suborder anisoptera suborder anisoptera. they are predators summer sun sun beams sun flares sun rays sunflower sunflower field sunflower genus sunflowers sunlight sunny sunrise sunset sunshine surf swallow swamps swan swan family swimming swimming bird swirls symbolism sympathy tabbies tabby cats tagetes tagetes genus tall plant tall ship tan tandem tanzania taraxacum taraxacum genus taupe teeth tennessee terrible tilly territorial terrorism tetons text textanniversary textgreeting card texture textures thank you the adults may be on the wing for just a few days or weeks. they are fast the blues the bubbles the bush the cherry blossoms are so welcome in the spring and are a riot of color the dragonfly has become the popular subject in photography. part of the reason the great smoky mountain national park the great smoky mountains the maribou stork would certainly win no beauty contests. this group of storks was gathered on the shore of the chobe river on the mainland of botswana. some sort of ritual was being performed with much strutting the parrot the rustytipped butterfly the smokies things will get better thinking of you this male lion thorns thorny throat pouch throw pillow thrush family thrush genera tide tillamock rock tillamook lighthouse tiltshift tiny tit family toadstool tockus leucomelas toes tongue topaz topaz labs topsy turvy torn down tourism tourist attraction tourists towers town toxostoma toxostoma rufum tracks traditional clothing traditional wear traffic traffic signs tragelaphus scriptus train train tracks transportation treaty tree tree frog tree roots tree trunk trees trekbokken tribute tripod tropic cinema tropical buckeye trot trotting trunk trunks tulip turdidae turtle tusks two blue pansies two flowers two pansies u.s. navy u.s. third army uganda ultralight undertaker bird united neon united states urban urbanus proteus urinate urn usa useful trunk valentine valentine card valentine's day valentines day valley valleys vanellus armatus vegetarian vegetation verdant very dark blue very large very small vibrant village vines vintage viola viola genus violaceae vltava river vortex wader wading wading bird walking wall art war waste water water bird water closet water droplets water lily water turkey waterbird watercolor waterfall waterfalls waterfowl waterlife waterlily waterline waterscape wattled crane wattled cranes waves way of life weed weeping western art whale when they are known as nymphs or naiads white white amaryllis white background white flower white fronted bee eater white horse white neck white on black white sand white tombstones whitehead street wide angle wild bird wild dog wilderness wildflower wildflowers wildlife will grow inside window window box windows wing winged wings wiretailed swallow wish you were here wispy clouds without written permission of kay brewer woman wood wooden wooden bridge woodland woodpecker woods world heritage site world war 2 world war ii world's largest art museum wranglers wrangling wrapping wrapping paper wwii wyoming yaquina yaquina head's lighthouse yard yawn yellow yellow bird yellow butterfly yellow flower yellow flowers yellow lily yellow stripe yellow tulip yellowbilled hornbill yellowfrican landscape yield you complete me you're the best young boys young men youth zambia zanzibar zebra zinnia zinnias